Initial Consult & Nutrition Assessment:           

The initial consult is a time for you and your Dietitian to get to know each other. We want to know all about you. This helps us with establishing a realistic plan and set of goals. Some things we will likely be asking about: schedules, food preferences, what has worked or not worked for you in the past, health issues, lab results, medications/supplements, physical activity level, what your motivators and what your challenges are. At the end of the initial visit we will have guidelines and goals that together we established for you to work on. Do not expect us to totally change, restrict, revise, or transform you in one visit. Lasting change takes time and effort.

Follow-up visits:             

These visits build on the plan and goals established at your initial visit. You and your RD will discuss what has worked/not worked, make revisions, introduce new information and monitor your progress. Follow up visits are important to keep you on track, motivated, focused and accountable to yourself. 


5 30-minute visits: $275 (150 minutes total) Great for those clients who are looking for help with weight management, Diabetes, food allergies, or other issues that benefit from multiple follow up visits. The National Weight Management Guidelines suggest at least 4-6 months of visits is most successful for weight loss.

Extreme Pantry Makeover:       

We come to you! Need help with what to buy, stock your pantry with, integrating the families likes and dislikes, health issues etc..? This package consists of a visit from your RD to your home, a grocery store trip and a follow up visit. Expect a "conference" with the household, an inspection of your cupboards, refrigerator and pantry. Next up is a trip to the store. Let your RD do the shopping for you, or go along for grocery store tour. Then follow up to discuss the favorite finds, not so favorite and suggestions for keeping up the healthy eating.     $350

Grocery Store Tour:

Ever wished you had your own nutrition expert to go shopping with you? Now you can. Learn how to navigate the grocery store aisles, avoid false nutrition claims, get the most nutritional value for your buck, read labels and take the guess work out of your shopping. We suggest this in conjunction with in office visits.   $150 (get a group together and share) *


Initial Out of Pocket Cash rates: $140 (60 min) $175 (75 min) $210 (90 min) $245(105 min) $280 (2 hours).

Follow up rates: $60 (30 min) $90 (45 min) $120 (60 min)*

Insurance may cover your visits. Please check your plan for coverage. We are network providers for Aetna, Cigna, Coventry, Medicare, Optima Health, Anthem/BCBS. 

*Prices listed above are for visits paid at time of service, visits billed to insurance may vary in price.